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Ultra High Performance Computing (HPC)/Gigabyte: H262-Z63, 4, node, Server, and, dual, 2200W, power., Each, node, has, single, AMD, 64, core, 64GB, support, dual, NVME, support, M150, GPU,

H262-Z63 4 node Server and dual 2200W power. Each node has single AMD 64 core, 64GB, support dual NVME, support M150 GPU

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Gigabyte's H262-Z63 is a high-density high performance compute 4 node system.

This system comes with 4 nodes each with a single AMD 7742 64 core processor and 64GB RAM. As such the system comes with a total of 256 cores and 256GB RAM.

H262-Z63 (rev. 100)

The chassis features dual 2200W power supplies (15A power required) and 8 * 2.5" NVMe bays.

* Each node has 16 DIMMs allowing up to 2TB per node or 8TB(64 DIMMs)per 4 node system.
* Each node supports up to dual AMD 64 core processors or 512 cores per 4 node system
* Each node supports a single AMD M150 GPU
* Each node supports dual high capacity 2.5" NVME Solid State Drive (SSD) drives.
* Each node has 2 * M.2 slots
* Each node has 2 x Low profile half-length slots with PCIe x16 (Gen4 x16 bus)
* Each node has 1 x OCP 2.0 mezzanine slot with PCIe Gen3 x16
* Each node has 2 x 1GbE LAN ports (IntelĀ® I350-AM2) and 1 x Dedicated management port
* Each node has dual USB3 and VGA

All Gigabyte High Performance Servers are shipped directly from the factory with a normal leadtime of 3 weeks. This ensures the latest chipsets and firmware are always supplied.

All Gigabyte high performance servers have high wattage power supplies to support the load imposed by the high performance processors and GPUs. This means that all Gigabyte high performance servers require 15A circuits.

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2020


This product is sourced in Australia and carries a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty